Music Remains – A history of recorded music in 90 seconds

Brilliant 1,5-minute video showing the history of recorded music. It was made in one-shot at London’s world-famous Abbey Road Studios. Music remains, no doubt about it 🙂

Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau – Making of ‘Changes’ + Official Video

This song was definitely one of the highlights of 2013, at least for dance house or saxophone fans (is there anybody else on the planet? 🙂 ). The amazing video has been released quite late (Dec 2013) and now Faul and Wad Ad have shared a making of ‘Changes’ videoclip which you can see below. Toilet paper paradise!

Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ Parody: James Franco & Seth Rogen – Bound 3 (Vague)


The new Kanye West’s video was definitely ‘BOUND 2’ be spoofed quickly. The ridiculous imagery of the rapper on a moving motorcycle, simulating sex with Kim Kardashian, has already become the hit of the internet. And has just been parodied by James Franco and Seth Rogen who recreated the whole video shot for shot. It’s hilarious 🙂

Actors vs. “Musicians” – Morgan Freeman’s “What does the Fox say” interpretation

The recent hit “What does the Fox say” (by Ylvis) read by… Morgan Freeman. Plus Robert De Niro reading “Wrecking Ball” (by Miley Cyrus), Michael Douglas reading “Chinese Food” (by Alison Gold) and Kevin Kline reading “Best Song Ever” (by One Direction). Who wins this competition?