While Little Hedonist is a French company, it pulls its DNA from its founding days in The Netherlands. Our sizes reflect those early days and with a general request (thanks to everyone who answered our poll) to keep the original system based on children's actual body height in centimeters, we have translated sizes to inches, U.S. sizes, and more general European sizes, for those of you shopping around the globe.

 Our smallest size (50/56) is a great size for the first 4 to 6 weeks of life of a 3-kg (6 lbs. 9 oz.) newborn, while our largest size (170-176) is graded a woman's XS.

Each product page also includes a link with a pop-up to our international size chart, for easy reference.

Our clothes are true to size, except for a few exceptions, which are noted in the product description on individual product pages.