Baby Bundles by Little Hedonist

Whether you are expecting a little one, about to become a grand-parent, aunt, uncle, or your best friend is having a baby, we want to make your life easy. Every baby deserves clean and organic garments that feel soft, are breathable, and safe on their skin.

So shower yourself, and new parents, with bundles we have designed for all occasions! Best of all - you choose the colors and sizes that work for you!

We know it can be hard to pick gifts, and the Little Hedonist Bundles were crafted with care, to ensure you have a well-rounded organic assortment of sustainable baby clothes, ideal for baby showers, new welcomings, or your growing children.

Choose a bundles that represents you, and your love for that baby.

So here's how it works:

Which Little Hedonist organic Baby Bundles can I pick from?

We are currently offering 4 Baby Bundles to work with all seasons and styles. Each bundle includes a baby bottoms, baby top, and an accessory.
Pick from the following:
Ideal for the freshest babies, expecting moms, baby showers, and more, the Hello World Bundle includes our softest organic cotton leggings, long-sleeve organic onesie, and a baby bib of your choice:
For colder days, the Cozy Bundle includes organic sweatpants, sweater, and a beanie, which are all brushed on the inside, to keep baby warm and ultra cozy, whether inside or outside, on cooler days:
With all of the summer feels, the organic Sunny Bundle puts together the cutest summer outfit for girls, with our one-piece bathing suit, a pair of signature shorts, and a headband for the little fashionista:
Our fourth organic baby bundle includes must-haves for a chill day of play at home or daycare. Our velvet leggings are thick and warm, and well paired with our soft long-sleeve tee and a baby bib in your favorite color:

How do I create my Baby Bundle?

Visit the product page of any of the items included: Leggings KIKI, Onesie FELINE, Baby Bib JUSTINE, Sweatpants MICHIEL, Sweater CAECILIA, Beanie LEVI, Swimsuit ARIEL, Shorts GIGI, Bandelette EVA, Leggings CATO, Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ELANA.

Use the widget included underneath the Add to Cart button to create your own bundle:

From that widget, you will be able to choose the colors and sizes you wish to purchase for each item, letting you customize your baby bundle:

In case of problems, please click here to email us.

What is included in my Baby Bundle?

Each Little Hedonist organic baby bundle is made of a pair of bottoms, a top (or onesie), and one accessory. While they are pre-designed, we give you full flexibility in choosing the colors and sizes that work for you.

We have included all of our colors in sizes NB, 3-6M, 9-12M, and 18-24M, so you can gift larger baby sizes if you wish. We know new parents receive loads of newborn clothes, and we want to make sure you can choose larger sizes as well!

Why should I create a Little Hedonist Baby Bundle?

We know that buying sustainable and organic is what is best for babies, kids, and yourself. Not only softer on the planet, it helps protect your child's skin and overall health. We track our organic cotton from the fields on the beautiful Aegan coast, to the factory, just kilometers away, and ensure quality and cleanliness every step of the way. If we wouldn't put it on our kids, we don't manufacture it!

We also know that sustainable and organic clothes are more expensive than fast-fashion brands. So we want to make sure that your babies are protected and get the best possible start in life. We are offering organic baby bundle discounts so more of your little ones can sleep, nap, feed, play, and learn to crawl and walk in safe and soft clothes.

Each bundle comes at a steep discount between 10% and 30% off. This is our way to contribute to cleaner and safe garments in every baby's wardrobe!