Iamamiwhoami – tap your glass


Oh my, oh my!! Iamamiwhoami and her new tune ‘Tap Your Glass’ are both just all sorts of amazing! Beautiful, mystical dream pop at its finest. And obviously a lot of water in the video to make to “Joanna Style”. Can’t go wrong.


Listen / watch also:

iamamiwhoami – hunting for pearls [video]


Sweden’s ambient pop artist Iamamiwhoami seems to have some special relationship with water. After taking a bath under waterfall (‘Fountain’) a month ago, in her new video Joanna Lee is diving into the deep, blue sea to hunt for pearls. She is quite interesting, isn’t she?

iamamiwhoami – fountain [video]


After a little break, Iamamiwhoami returns with a new single ‘Fountain’. The Swedish singer, Joanna Lee, as always amazes with a perfect harmony of melodic synths, ethereal voice and icy video. Majestic ambient electronic experience!