From workwear to fashion, denim has found it’s way into our children’s closets. Where it was worn by workman since the mid 19th century with Levi Straus as first big manufacturer, it became only part of fashion in the 1960’s. And in 2022 almost everybody has at least one piece of denim in their wardrobe. As a kids fashion label that focused on organic cotton it’s not a logical step to move to this completely different fabric. We added the denim only recently, first introduced in the Summer 2021 Collection where we used a knitted denim-look cotton. A year later we added the real denim. Sustainable denim ofcourse. Not easy to produce and develop. Especially since this was a ‘new’ fabric for us. We wanted to keep the minimalistic design and the fantastic fits mixed with incredible comfort to wear that we are so known for in our organic cotton pieces. This comfort is our signature but not always a word you directly relate to wearing denim.

In the collection we sell right now, the summer 2022 collection Happy Campers, denim really has become a steady part of our creations. Soft, sustainable, easy to wear denim. With embroidered dots that define the selections of denim pieces for SS22, realized in a cotton terrycloth and elastane blend for maximum comfort. Have this stylish jeans in your closet in a sleeveless shirt with ruffles, a shoulder strap skirt, or flare jeanswith side zippers for optional additional width!