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Meet The Sisters Behind The Label

Hi there! 


This is sister-duo Laura and Lucie. We are excited to show you what our DNA is made of, and what we stand for.


Little Hedonist is based on the belief that kids clothing can look good, be (the most) comfortable, and last through all of your kids (and their cousins), without leaving a huge footprint. Not only allying comfort and fashion, Little Hedonist designs most styles gender neutral and uses earth-toned colors so Mom and Dad can assort tops and bottoms in a whim!


We source and develop the best quality organic cotton, to be soft and safe on the most delicate skin. With that in mind, we created a no-nonsense, high quality, durable, ridiculously comfy and fashionable collection for your children to wear all year round. Clothes that last so the environment can last longer. We use organic materials, of course, but also recycled materials, to minimize our, and your, impact on the planet. 

Our Sustainability Promise

Because sustainability is at the core of everything we do, we operate under the below certifications, by working with like-minded partners and implementing business processes with the planet in mind.

So whenever possible, buy less, buy better, and leave the planet a cleaner place.