Welcome to Little Hedonist! Hi there! 

This is sister-duo Laura and Lucie. How exciting to welcome you to our little piece of the organic fashion world. We are excited to show you what our DNA is made of, what we stand for, and the message we are sharing with the world. A message so important, as our children (and all of yours) are the future.

Little Hedonist is based on the belief that kids clothing can look good, be (the most) comfortable, and last through all of your kids (and their cousins), without leaving a huge footprint. Not only allying comfort and fashion, Little Hedonist designs most styles gender neutral and uses earth-toned colors so Mom and Dad can assort tops and bottoms in a whim!

We source and develop the best quality organic cotton, to be soft and safe on the most delicate skin. Our 100% European minimalistic design creates a collection that is not just a basic collection, but a Basic Couture Collection – essentials that are a must-have in all children’s closets, and can easily upgrade their wardrobe, for more everyday uses. Because there are so many things we want, yet little we actually need, especially in clothing.

With this in mind, we created a no-nonsense, high quality, durable, ridiculously comfy and fashionable collection for your children to wear all year round. Clothes that last so the environment can last longer. We use organic materials, of course, but also recycled materials, to minimize our, and your, impact on the planet.

We encourage buyers, stores, and consumers to buy sustainable, like we are. To pay maybe a bit more for something that lasts longer. Our hope is to create an organic clothing label of such high quality and functionality, that you can buy only a few items, and pass them down from your girls to your boys, allowing them to move and get dirty, without the need to buy new every season. Let’s be aware of the future, because our children are the future! Let’s all contribute to keep the world a better place.

Stop wearing out, start wearing well. Join us in this movement.