Barefoot. Dirty. Outside. Late night bbq’s and bar swings. Lazy picknicks and early mornings because the whistle of birds wakens you up. Sleeping outside and caravan stay-overs. Playing. All day long. No matter the weather, the sun, the wind, the rain. There is challenge in every situation. Find your resilience and we will all be happy campers.

We are proud to present you our SS22 sustainable basic couture collection HAPPY CAMPERS.

10 months ago we shot the campaign for this amazing spring and summer collection. We had such a fantastic day! Rain caused big ponds on the camping site and when we arrived it seemed almost undoable to even start to work there. Our incredible team made it happen anyway! That is how we roll! Our teamwork resulted in fantastic pictures we show you through all the website and in the campaign movie!. Every page of our online store shows one of many shots and you can enjoy the movie here.. Hope you like what you see!