In 2015 Little Hedonist started as a brand for babies. The owner gave birth to two daughters with very little time in between which made her need for functional, sober but fine babywear at once very primary. As the years passed every season we added some sizes and now we have a range from 0 – 15 years old for both boys and girls. We still have a strong emphasis for organic fabrics especially for the little ones, and the reason is quite simple; the skin of a baby is much more sensitive than older children.

As one study put it, “infant skin is functionally still developing” and the “impaired barrier function of newborn skin” makes a newborn “more susceptible to chemical irritation” In addition, a newborn’s skin surface area is 3 times greater than an adult’s, by volume.

Think about it, if you use synthetic fabrics, what damage that causes for the baby skin. Next to that, most synthetic fabrics are made from all kinds of materials that damage the environment. Not good for any child’s future. We use only premium certified organic cotton. If we should have used conventional cotton it would have been just as damaging as synthetic materials. Organic cotton is produced in an ecologically and socially responsible way. No toxic chemicals or dyes are used and the factories are free of slave, child, or exploited labor. We have the GOTS certificate, Oekotex and the STEp Certificate. If you want to read more about this sustainable certificates and the way we produce, please click

In our current collection we focus on basic, must haves for babies instead of a wide range of products. Leggings and rompers. With a perfect fit and premium quality cotton. Our quality is so high that we ensure that you can use the items for a long time and pass on to other siblings on the way ;-).

Enjoy your purchases!


Little Hedonist